SidewinderTM Series

  • Built with the InGaAs type sensor. Instant spectrum
  • SW series is specially designed for long wavelengths range.,Maximum spectral b range :900~1700nm
  • High SNR、higher sensitivity.、High Resolution、High cost effective
  • The best choice for food, pharmaceutical and biochemical testing applications

SW (SidewinderTM ) Series spectrometer ,built with the InGaAs type sensor and high performance 32bits RISC controller in, is specially designed for long wavelengths range. The optical engine is very simple and optimized for the spectrometer. The optical bench is very rigid and stable for measurement system, especially SW series has outstanding stability of thermo-hygro variation, vibration and shock on resolution and wavelength shift performance. The compact size is very flexible for system integration.

SW Series spectrometer is constructed by the Czerny-Turner optical design and can provide the high optical resolution, high sensitivity, low stray light, and fast spectral response.

The electronics system is powered by USB port and SW Series communicates with the PC through the USB port. It also provides 6 I/Os for external interface extension.

The optical detector used in SW Series spectrometer is a highsensitivity InGaAs linear sensor. We provide the related information and the detailed instructions of how to operate with SW Series in this guide.

SW Series electronics operation is controlled by the RISC controller. So users can communicate to the main program through the PC software and the protocol provided by OtO Photonics.


SW series Model:
Model Spectral Response Range(nm) Sensor
(Single acquisition)
Dynamic Range
(Single acquistion)
A/D Stray Light Thermal Stability
NIRC NIRD Low Gain Mode High Gain Mode Low Gain Mode High Gain Mode
900~1700 900~2500
SW 5 Series  SW2520   In GaAs
2000 4000 4100 6000 16 bits <0.2 <0.2
 SW2560   2800 5400 6000 8700 <0.1
 SW2570   2600 4300 5850 8200
SW 8 Series  SW2860   In GaAs
3300 5500 7800 11000
SW2870   2800 3500 7700 9300
SW 9 Series SW2960   1600 3500 5600 7800 <0.2

SW Specification:
Specificaiton Value
SW2560 SW2570
SW2860 SW2870 SW2960
Sensor 128 Pixel 256 Pixel 512 Pixel 256 Pixel 512 Pixel 256 Pixel
None-Cooling One stage cooling two stage cooling
Spectrometer SW series; Czerny-Turner Optical Layout, 2 & 3rd order elimination
Dimension 110(L) x 86(W) x 32.4(H) mm 130(L) x 96(W) x58.3(H) mm
Parameters of Optical System f/#:5, NA:0.1, Focal Length(R1-R2):60-60
(it is recommended that the Incident NA should larger than the NA of spectrometer)
Wavelenght 900~1700nm 900~2500nm
Slit(μm) 50/100/150 50/100/150/200 25/50/100/150/200 50/100/150/200 25/50/100/150/200 50/100
Itergration Time High Gain 100μs ~ 15Sec,
100μs ~24s 100μs ~20ms
Low Gain 100μs ~24s 100μs ~200ms
Dark Noise (Uper Limit) High Gain 13.5*1
14 14 14 15(average, High Gain)
Low Gain 10 10 10 12(average, Low Gain)(@100μs,-20℃)
SNR (Single acquisition) High Gain 2000 2800 2600 3300(0℃) 2800 1600(@100μs,-20℃)
Low Gain 4000 5400 4300 5500(0℃) 3500 3500(@100μs,-20℃)
Dynamic range(avg) High Gain 4100 6000 5850 7800 7700 5600(@100μs,-20℃)
Low Gain 6000 8700 9200 11000 9300 7800(@100μs,-20℃)
Wavelength repeatability +/-0.2mm,Continuous 100 measurements (Ar Light Source)   N/A
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm (Testing environment is based on SW2530-050-NIRA's parameter, and accuracy may be up to +/-1.5nm according to different environment such as severe temperature change and long-time vibration.  W can provide wavelength calibration software if customers needed.)
Resolution 2nm~8nm
Thermal stability <0.2nm/℃
Environmental Conditions  Storage -30℃~70℃
 Operation 0℃~50℃
 Humidity 0%~90%, non-condensing
Interfaces USB2.0@ 480Mbps(High speed)
Input fiber connector SMA 905 (FC/PC optional)

Power requirement (master):300mA at +5 VDC
Supply voltage: 4.75~5.25
Power-up time: <4s
Maximum USB input power: 5.25 VDC
Maximum I/Osignal voltage: 5.5 VDC

Power requirement (master):300mA at +5 VDC
DC Jack for TEC:1300mA at 5VDC

Power requirement (master):300mA at +5 VDC
DC Jack for TEC:2200mA at 5VDC