RS Series

  • Using MEMS technology
  • Weighs 40 g,Size 40 x 40 x 18 mm3,Wavelength 950〜1700nm
  • High sensitivity, low stray light
  • "Continuous high-speed exposure"
  • "Stray light correction" (stray light ratio <0.7%)
  • Color temperature, color rendering, color value, etc. parameters are directly calculated (onboard CPU)
  • High cost effective

The RS Series Spectrometer is an ultra-micro spectrum module composed of MEMS technology. It uses infrared sensors to meet the needs of miniaturization, portability and handheld in the field of infrared measurement applications. The optical bench is very rigid and stable for measurement system, The compact size is very flexible for system integration.

 CCD  InGaAs Sensor
 Spectrometer  MEMS Technology
 Dimension  40 x 40 x 18 mm3
 Wavelength  950 ~ 1700 nm
 Slie size  50 μm
 Integration Time  10μs ~ 24 sec
 Resolution (FWHM)  8 ~ 14 nm
 Storage Temperature  -20℃  to +70℃
 Operation Temperature  0℃ to +50℃
 Interfaces  Micro USB2.0 @ 480 Mbps (高速)
 Input Fiber connector  SMA905
 Power  Power Requirement(USB):230mA at +5 VDC
 Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5.5V
 Power up time:<1.5s