ZOOM Spectra

  • 3 GHz high spectral resolution
  • Excellent absolute accuracy: 600 MHz
  • Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
  • High measurement rate capability: 30 kHz
  • Compact size
  • Robust long-life factory calibration
  • User-friendly SpectraResolver software
  • Trigger

High-Resolution High-Rate Laser Spectrum Analyzer

ZOOM Spectra gives you access to high spectral resolution on a simultaneous bandwidth of a few nanometers. ZOOM Spectra is both a multi-wavelength meter (picometer accuracy) and a spectrum analyzer. It is the ideal tool for the characterization of your cw and pulsed lasers.


  • Continuous and pulsed/triggered lasers (ns/ps lasers)
  • Absolute wavelength and spectrum measurement
  • Multifrequency lasers
  • Mode-hop characterization
  • Laser modulation